Samba Workshop

Samba band Animoso Heerlen organizes a samba workshop!
Come and taste some of the Brazilian instruments.

Have you never touched an instrument before and would you like to try and play an instrument? Or do you have experience as a musician and do you want to make music again?
Come to our samba workshop!
Our workshop is for both experienced and inexperienced people from 16 years.

A samba band consists only of percussion instruments including:

– Repenique
– Tambourim
– Snare
– Chocalho / shaker
– Surdo’s in different sizes

Do you want to try to play (one of) these instruments?

Then come to our workshop at:
Sunday, April 22 from 13: 30h. until 15:30h.

Gemeenschapshuis de Burcht
Wienweg 18
6445 CE Brunssum

* For this samba workshop a personal contribution of € 5 applies. With these contributions we cover our expenses and you get a drink.

You can sign up with the form below.


Event Information
Event Information