About Animoso

Animoso is a samba band from Heerlen in the Netherlands. Our name means fiery, lively and inspiring. And that is the best way to summarize our music. Animoso plays Brazilian percussion music. You will not only hear the rhythms, you will feel them too. We originated in 2003 and in the meantime grown into a pleasant and fun group. Animoso is employable everywhere. We play at (inter)national festivals and shows inland as well as abroad and we are a welcome guest at the Dutch and German carnival. Even a birthday or wedding can be turned into an extraordinary event. Our remarkable colours and swinging beats gives us the power to turn every event into a success!


The start of Animoso is best described as a hobby that went out of control. We started with ten people and have grown the last years into a big, happy group. In the mean while Animoso is an official club that regularly brings the south of Limburg (and other places) in Brazilian spheres. The instruments from Animoso provide a fabulous sound. A powerful beat you can hear and feel from far away!


Do you want to play with us? That’s possible! Animoso rehearses two times a week. We are always looking for new members. Many times a visitor gets totally ecstatic while listening to our drumming performance, something we only encourage. The audience always dances while we are playing our music.

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Event Information